VIBCO GR-1600 Vibratory Roller

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GR-1600 Vibratory Pothole Packer

Fix potholes for good! VIBCO's GR-1600 vibratory roller is an affordable way to make your hot or cold pothole patches last. It's lightweight - just 98 pounds! - and is easy for one operator to unload, use, and reload.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to fix potholes with the VIBCO GR-1600. Just roll it up to the patch, engage the vibratory element and the unit will take over. Self-propelled vibratory action compacts the patch in minutes. Compacted patches can last for years - compare that to weeks for other pothole filling methods. Every public works department crew should have a VIBCO GR-1600 on hand to make potholes history.

Whether you're dealing with highway or road maintenance or road repair, the GR-1600 is the pothole solution made for the working man.

GR-3200 vibratory roller vibco vibrators
Vibco TP-10 plate compactor
Vibco TP-1830 plate compactor

VIBCO's GR-3200 is ideal for larger paving and asphalt repair jobs and is an ideal solution for infrared asphalt repair. It is the most durable, safest, and most cost effective walk-behind vibratory roller available. Every state and local Transportation Departments (DOT) and Public Works Departments (DPW) should have a VIBCO GR-3200.

VIBCO's TP-10 At only 87 pounds, the VIBCO TP-10 Plate Compactor is the lightest-weight compactor on the market. A 12" X 12" compacting plate makes the TP-10 easy to maneuver and store- even in tight spaces. 

VIBCO's TP-1830 is VIBCO's most popular universal plate compactor and is a contractor's favorite. Fully loaded with features - the VIBCO TP-1830 offers speed, efficiency and 3000 lbs of compacting force - at an incredible value price.

It is the season for pothole repair. See the GR-1600 in action.