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vibco bv ball vibrator exploded view

How It Works

Compressed air drives a hardened steel ball at high speeds around a highly finished and hardened steel race creating a high frequency vibration. VIBCO Ball Vibrators require lubrication to ensure long maintenance free operation and will start in any position. Mount your VIBCO Ball Vibrator either directly to your structure that requires vibration or use simple mounting plates welded or bolted to your structure. Mounting plates will produce a better vibration transfer to a larger surface.

Top Quality, Fastest Delivery

VIBCO manufactures all of our products in the United States according to strict quality standards so you can be confident that you are getting the best ball vibrator on the market. Like all standard VIBCO products, our ball vibrators are available from stock for same day or next day shipping.

Switch to a VIBCO Silent Turbine Vibrator and SAVE!

Did you know that you can reduce air consumption and lower noise by switching to a VIBCO Silent Turbine Vibrator?

VIBCO Turbine Vibrators...

  1. Save up to 50% of your air consumption
  2. Reduce vibration noise to below OSHA noise limits
  3. Give 3 times longer life than a ball vibrator
  4. Require NO lubrication
  5. Are completely size-interchangeable with
    competitive ball vibrators