4P-3000 - Large Electric Vibrator


SB-1 - 3PH Starter Box
VMM-8 - Mounting Plate for 4P-3000/5000, 2P-5500
SC-4 - Safety Cable
8X8.5CH-IN - Channel Iron (Inches)


A 7-7/8 in
201 mm
B 12-3/4 in
324 mm
C* 1 in
26 mm
L 24 in
610 mm
W 10-1/4 in
261 mm
H 10-1/2 in
267 mm
F 8-7/8 in
226 mm
* Bolt Size

Tech Data

VPM 1800
HP 2-1/2
Phase 3
Volt 220-240/440-480
Amp 6.0/3.0
Force lbs 1500-3000
Force Newtons 6672-13344
dB 74
Weight 210 lbs

4P Models are among our most popular

VIBCO noiseless electric vibrators are made in the U.S. by skilled American craftsmen who follow American NEMA and ASTME standards. VIBCO Vibrators are totally enclosed, continuous duty and completely noiseless. They can be used inside or outside, in dust, dirt, rain or snow. 
VIBCO’s lines of heavy duty vibrators will solve any vibration problem such as: speed the flow of bulk
materials through the smallest bin, hopper, and chute, to the largest silo; pack materials in drums and bags; consolidate concrete in pipe, precast and prestressed industries; for screens and screeds and a variety of other industrial applications.
4P Models with 1800 rpm are the most versatile and popular vibrators. Centrifugal force output from 100-1500 lbs. can be used on all types of bins containing fine to granular materials, for packing coarse materials and casting concrete and many other applications. Let us specify an 4P model to meet your needs.


• Adjustable eccentrics for easy change of force to suit application.
• Load equally distributed over bearings for additional life.
• Unloaded rotor on the larger units to prevent burnout from rotor hitting stator lamination.
• Oversized electric motor for higher safety factor - watt/lbs. impact.
• High heat resistant winding to take additional overload and heat.
• Oversized bearings for longer life.
• Mounting bolts over force center for efficient vibration transfer.
• Terminal box for easy connection and change of voltage.
• Internal vent holes for better air circulation cooling in high temperature application.

Made In The USA 50 Years

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VIBCO Vibrators™ are 100% MADE IN THE USA since 1962.

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