Don't Get Left In The Cold: VIBCO DC Vibrators Are Gearing Up For The Winter Season

by [user not found] | Sep 08, 2015
While we may just be entering September, it's not too early to get a jump start on preparing for the winter sales opportunities.

Remember Last Winter?

Last winter was a tough one across the country, particularly in New England and the Midwest. Cities and towns were unprepared and didn't allocate nearly enough money to their snow removal budgets to remove the tremendous amounts of snow and repair towns after down trees and power outages. 

Massive amounts of snow fell in many cities all across the nation and some cities saw record breaking snowfall totals. Boston, Massachusetts set a new city snowfall record at which received 108.6 inches of snow over the course of winter 2015.

Town snow removal workers and independent contractors were working well beyond 12 hour shifts with minimal sleep. Moreover, imagine if you were working 12 hours straight for multiple days on end.

Would you want to deal with the hassle of fixing your equipment on the job? Would you want to get out of your truck during a blizzard with a shovel and manually figure out what is stopping up your sand spreader?

Probably not.

But that was the situation last year more often than not and experts are predicting a similar winter as last year across the country.

That means a new opportunity to sell a DC vibrator for a tailgate spreader hopper and V-box to:
  • snow removal teams towns, cities and municipalities
  • independent snow removal contractors and landscaping companies
  • anyone expressing problems with material flow on winter snow removal and/or ice control equipment
Here's what VIBCO has for dealers and their sales representatives:

Winter Is Coming And Here's What We Have Ready For VIBCO Product Dealers

In light of the forthcoming winter and the likelihood of expanded town and city budgets because of last year's tremendous winter, it's not too early to be on the lookout for opportunities to sell a VIBCO vibrator.

1. A Brand New Landing Page Focused Exclusively On VIBCO DC Vibrators

For the winter 2015-16 season, we've put together a brand new landing page showcasing our DC vibrators for:

  • Tailgate spreaders
  • V-boxes
  • Dump bodies and other winter equipment hoppers, spreaders and containers.
The page currently features:
  • Product application photos
  • Detailed copy showcasing the value that equipping a VIBCO DC vibrator to your buyers' spreader or hopper can provide
  • Demonstration videos and more.
We wanted to put together a one-stop-shop for demonstrations and information, technical and otherwise, regarding our DC vibrator line.

We're also planning to update this page with new photos and new videos as we progress closer to and into the season - so stay tuned!

Below are bundles of sales literature to forward and share with your outside and inside sales team plus a brand new landing page contaning all kinds of useful information, product application photos, video demos and more for VIBCO's DC vibrator line:

2. Our VIBCO's Sandbuster™ And DC Vibrator Catalog And Mounting Guide

The VIBCO Sandbuster and DC Vibrator catalog provides sales teams and dealers with everything they would ever need to know about VIBCO's DC line. This catalog piece contains:

  • Customer testimonials
  • Sizing charts
  • A comprehensive list of brands of spreaders and hoppers that VIBCO DC vibrators are compatible with (and it's a long list) and much more
Our mounting guide is a must-have resource when selling VIBCO vibrators. Proper sizing and mounting to suit the application at hand are non-negotiable points when selling vibrators. After all, vibration is a powerful force and should be used correctly. 

We Also Have A Physical Sales Literature Bundle

We are also preparing physical sales literature packets for those who reply to this email or inquire through another email entirely. The physical sales literature packet will include the following: 

  • A VIBCO Sandbuster and DC Vibrator Catalog 
  • A VIBCO Big Bertha Dumpbody Vibrators Catalog 
  • A dumpbody sizing and data inquiry sheet 
  • A tailgate and V-box spreader sizing and data inquiry sheet 
  • A VIBCO free trial sheet and 
  • A VIBCO Industrial Catalogs request form 
As the season for DC vibrators begins to roll out, we'll be providing more information regarding how to keep your sales staff informed on the latest VIBCO product releases and updates.