Watch VIBCO's Karl Wadensten on Dan Yorke's State of Mind

by [user not found] | Aug 20, 2015

On Tuesday August 18th, VIBCO president Karl Wadensten appeared on Dan Yorke's State of Mind on WPRI12 in Rhode Island.

Dan and Karl discussed in-depth Karl's latest piece with the Providence Business News, 'Keep Your Ego In Check', as part of the Providence Business News' ongoing series, One Last Thing, leadership in Rhode Island and Governor Raimondo's new initiative to implement Lean principles in government.

On how the Providence Business News' One Last Thing series began: 

"We're always talking about lack of leadership in Rhode Island and I'm sick of it", Karl explained. "We have pockets of leadership all over the state but we just don't bring them up."

"I sent an email to Mark [Murphy] and said, 'Hey, you have this Providence Business News - let's use it as a vehicle for different leaders and positions all throughout the state and call it One Last Thing.'"

On Karl's piece, 'Keep Your Ego In Check':

"My article, 'Keep Your Ego In Check', is that as you look at all these newscasts, you're analyzing news and talking to people all the time and you have to take pause and say, 'wasn't there one time when you wanted to stop and ask someone else's opinion?", Karl explained, "or stop and say I don't have all the answers - maybe I better check with somebody? Or don't come in here telling me you know everything because it's so complex".

Watch the whole segment below: