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Governor Gina Raimondo Visits VIBCO, Signs Executive Order to Implement Lean in Rhode Island Government

by [user not found] | Apr 10, 2015

Today was a big day for Rhode Island. And a proud day for VIBCO.

gov-raimondo comes to vibco vibrators 2015 lean in rhode island initiative signingThis morning, Governor Gina Raimondo and a team of just over 50 Rhode Island state government officials from all sectors of the Rhode Island government came to VIBCO Vibratos in Wyoming, RI to learn about Lean and operational excellence.

The governor and state officials were broken up into small groups for a fast-paced tour of the VIBCO machine shop, reception desk, shipping area, engineering office and assembly floor.

VIBCO team members shared their perspectives on Lean - from building flow and reducing lead times, and using common sense, sustainable solutions, to creating smart data management and collection, to Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) machine changeovers - each team member explained how their improvements help increase value to VIBCO customers. 

The enthusiasm and genius of VIBCO's workforce was contagious and set an extremely positive tone for the main event... the signing of an Executive Order bringing Lean Government to Rhode Island!

Rhode Island's WPRO was there to cover the story as well as the Westerly Sun and the Providence A.P.  

From the Westerly Sun, “Rhode Island state government is going to begin a systematic implementation of Lean across all executive branch departments and quasi-public agencies,” Raimondo said. “All Cabinet directors will participate in a Lean mentorship program with members of the private sector so we can continue to learn and build efficiencies.”

Watch Governor Raimondo's address signing of the order here:

Here are some shots from the day's event:








Read Governor Raimondo's full initiative here: