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Concrete and Construction Vibrator Videos

Watch and be amazed by how easy it is to use and move the new 
VIBCO Stik-It™ mount on concrete forms. This video was shot on site at the Mount Hope Bridge in Rhode Island where the contractor is using Doka Frami forms.

The contractor is using the SVRFS-4000 Pneumatic (Air) Vibrator and the exclusive VIBCO Stik-It™ mounting system. External concrete vibrators are effective on all brands and types of concrete forms including Peri, Doka, EFCO, and Symons.

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Lug Bracket • Clamp Bracket 

Watch and see how external concrete vibrators keep get this job site moving. External concrete vibrators helped keep this site's concrete flowing non-stop and delivered a smooth professional finish to their concrete.

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DC-60 4P-1400 • US-900

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