VIBCO Products - DC Vibrators

DC Line with Bertha
Vibco Sandbuster

VIBCO DC Vibrators are Ideal for Mobile Applications

Rugged, durable, Made in the USA 12 Volt and 24 Volt vibrators for use on all sizes and types of mobile equipment. See how people are using VIBCO DC Vibrators right now

Use VIBCO DC Vibrators on:

  • Fertilizer Spreaders and Farm Equipment
  • Ice Control and Sand Spreaders
  • Dump Trucks including Large Tri-Axle "Coal Bucket" Trucks
  • Mobile Bins and Hoppers
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Grizzlies
  • ...and more!  We have a solution for you, in stock and
    ready to ship right now.

Don't see the vibrator model number you want or need help making a selection?   Send an email to the VIBCO Tech Team for assistance with DC-3200, DC-2500, DC-1100, DC1-400, DC-200 and DC-80 vibrators.

Ask a VIBCO Vibrators representative for information regarding the following models: DC-3200, DC-2500, DC 1100, DC1-400, DC 200, DC 80