ABS-2 - Air Cannon


45-E-2 - Elbow - 45 - 2ABS
1/2CV - 1/2 NPT Check Valve
CT4 - Air Cannon 4 Output Timer NEMA 4, 12
QE4 - Quick Exhaust Valve 1/2 NPT
86124 - Ball Valve 1/2"
46124 - Filter/Regulator 1/2" NPT
2ABS13 - Safety Valve
2CVP - 2" Check Valve, Plastic
3/4HEM - 3/4" High Flow Exhaust Muffler (Air Cannon)
90-E-2 - Elbow - 90 - 2ABS
SV2ABS - Sweeper Valve
D2 - Diffuser Fitting for 2" Air Cannon
SC-2 - Safety Cable
2ABS12 - Solenoid Valve-1/2-3 Way
MK2ABS - Mounting Kit


L 21-1/2 in
547 mm
W 10 in
255 mm

Tech Data

VIBCO Air Cannons Solve Tough Material Flow Problems

VIBCO Vibrators offers affordable, effective and reliable air cannons to suit many industrial or construction applications. If you have material flow problems like arching, bridging, ratholing or material sticking to the sides of your bin, then a VIBCO Air Cannon can help!

The VIBCO Air Cannon consists of a high-pressure tank storing compressed air (80 to 125 PSI) and a quick release piston valve that, on command, instantly releases compressed air into the bin or silo to fluidize the material.

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