On the Job: Green Concrete Home Project

by [user not found] | Aug 04, 2015

Last week, the VIBCO field team delivered a shipment of our US-700 vibrators to a job site in southern Rhode Island.

The job site was a private residential home overlooking a small river. VIBCO began working with the owner and their construction service, Silviera Masonry LLC, back in March to equip the owner of the home his contracting company with the right external vibrators for the job. 

This was the first green building project the owner embarked on. According to the owner, the residence is going to to be built out of a combination of concrete and Thermomass, a concrete insulation material. VIBCO was called on to supply the correct external vibrators to achieve the smooth, architectural finish and structural integrity that the owner and contractor group expects from the final build.

As you can see from the photos below, the VIBCO vibrators gave the concrete a smooth, professional finish void of bugholes when it hardened and the forms were stripped away.

This visit was particularly special because Rhode Island videographer, photographer, and friend of VIBCO Rob Ranney came along with his DJI Phantom 3 camera drone. Rob and his drone helped provide breathtaking cinema-quality footage of the job site and the surrounding landscape, adding a completely new dimension to this trip. A short clip of the forthcoming video of the whole job site is at the bottom of this post.

While on site, we spoke with Joe Silveira from Silviera Masonry LLC and the general contractor for this job after we delivered his vibrators to him. We asked Joe how our vibrators were working for him, if he had any questions or concerns about our product, and if he could share some thoughts about his experience with VIBCO. He was kind enough to share his thoughts on film.

Here's Joe's testimonial with his experience with VIBCO 's products:

Here are some photos shots of the home-in-progress from that morning:

silveieras masonry concrete finish vibco on the job

silveieras masonry concrete finish vibco on the job 2 upshot

silveieras masonry concrete finish vibco on the job stripped form

silveieras masonry concrete finish vibco on the job close up

silveieras masonry concrete finish vibco on the job over the hill shot

The video teaser below showcases the entirety of the job site, the size of the house and the vastness of the area the house is situated in: