My First Day as a VIBCO Vibrators Intern

by [user not found] | Jun 05, 2015

This post comes from VIBCO's newest summer intern Emily Verardo-Goodrich 

emily-450 profile shotI felt excited and a little apprehensive as I walked in to VIBCO for the first day of my internship. Before I began my internship, I talked to a few people about what to expect from the experience. They all said that it’s an interesting place – in a good way!

“What does interesting mean?” I wondered.

So my first walk into the building was filled with curiosity and more than a few nerves. I’m happy to report that, within just a short time, the nerves disappeared and my curiosity took over. I met almost every person who worked in the office - from sales to accounting to HR. I even got the chance to meet a few people from the engineering department and the factory.  

After meeting everyone and getting a chance to learn about how everyone worked individually and together in the offices, it was clear that VIBCO was not only a friendly environment but a very open environment. Most of the desks face each other, allowing for everyone in the room to converse and collaborate quickly and easily.

Lunch was the most exciting part of the day. I sat a table right next to Karl, the president of VIBCO, and many of the other people form the office. I got to experience first-hand the VIBCO team working and brainstorming ways to solve a problem.

Based on this first group encounter at lunch, it was clear that VIBCO encouraged ideas and whole-team involvement. Employees are not afraid to offer input to fix the problem of the day, and everyone works off each other’s ideas to come up with a better solution.

After one day at VIBCO, I learned how so much goes on in the office day-to-day. I got hands-on experience in many different things. I am excited for the rest of the summer so I can explore everything else VIBCO Vibrators has to offer!