Potholes are Coming. Contact Your DPW About Them Now.

by [user not found] | Mar 06, 2015

As the weather gets warmer, snow-covered roads will soon give way to pothole-riddled roads.

And none likes potholes.

pothole imagePothole are dangerous to motorists and expensive for residents as well as cities and as spring approaches, towns across America thawing out from this rough winter are going to experience a scourge of potholes.

This spring, VIBCO is running a special program to help communities around the United States get the help they need with their pothole problems: encouraging people to contact their Department of Public Works (or DPWs) themselves and demand action on pothole-riddled roads.

The Department of Public Works is the agency in each city and town across the United States that handles pothole repair and letting your local DPW know that there are potholes that need fixing now is the first step towards making a positive change in your area.

We at VIBCO have set up a special template that those having pothole problems in their town are encouraged to use to express where and what their pothole problems are to their public works team or DPW.

Using the template is easy. Simply replace the town and location information spaces with your own town, and location and information about the pothole you're writing about and hit send.

Visit the link below to learn how a simple copy and paste template is all you need to get the ball rolling towards getting your potholes fixed in your town.

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