4 Ways Industrial Vibrators Save You Money

by [user not found] | Jul 16, 2014

1. Reduce Product Loss, Increase Efficiency, Improve Material Flow

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Vibrators promote efficient and consistent material flow. That's what they do. Vibration breaks the friction between material and container walls. This aids gravity and allows material to flow.

Your ROI is extremely quick as you reduce product loss caused by material left in hopper, you reduce stops, skips and flow problems caused by blockages, and you eliminate overspill and other material flow problems.

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 2. Improve Safety

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Most VIBCO Turbine Vibrators are virtually silent - under 65 decibels. Ball and piston-style vibrators commonly exceed 80 decibels, which is loud enough to require the use of expensive hearing conservation programs.

Additionally, as you eliminate the clogs, you also eliminate the need for team members to engage in risky behaviors to clear these clogs. (i.e. swinging a sledge hammer, climbing up onto or into bins for clean out, etc.)

3. Pack and Ship More Efficiently

Whether you bag or box material, vibration will help you to fit more material into a smaller container - that means that you will ship less air.

 Vibration compacts material in boxes and drums, and will compact bagged material to produce a flatter, more uniform and more easily shipped package.

Watch this "oldie but goodie" video of a kitty litter filling station (originally posted to YouTube in 2007!)

4. Free Up Resources for More Valuable Work - Labor, Equipment and Maintenance

Any time spent clearing clogs, cleaning overspill, using a sledgehammer on  bin or correcting inaccurately weighed batched is wasted labor hours. Get those hours back by installing a vibrator!

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Many of the traditional improvised methods to clear clogs - like using a sledgehammer - can lead to equipment fatigue and damage. Hammer rash, bin cracks and dents only make sticking and clogging problems worse and require even more maintenance.

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