Salt Supplies Are Dangerously Low

by Linda Kleineberg | Feb 18, 2014

An extremely active winter storm season has created widespread road salt supply problems. VIBCO has a product that can provide more efficient use of precious supplies.

Cities and states are scrambling to arrange for deliveries in anticipation of more winter weather and everybody is looking for ways to stretch current supplies.  LISTEN TO THIS STORY FROM NPR RADIO ON THE SALT SUPPLY PROBLEM  full story at

VIBCO SandBuster™ Vibrators Provide More Efficient Use of Road Salt Supplies

Our SandBuster™ 12 Volt and 24 Volt Spreader Hopper Vibrators are mounted to spreader hoppers to promote steady, predictable flow of the salt and sand mix.

We have all vibrator sizes available for immediate shipment to help with this season's salt shortages. We have customer service agents standing by at  800-633-0032 to help refer DOT, Public Works, and Owner/Operators to a dealer who can help. If your local dealer is out of stock, due to high demand, tell them that VIBCO has units available for same-day shipping

First-time SandBuster Vibrator users should plan to take advantage of VIBCO's Virtual Van Visit program so that we can show you exactly how and where to install the vibrator on your truck.