Make Someone's Day!

by Linda Kleineberg | Nov 29, 2012

"Thank god! You've got my vibrators!" yells the purchasing agent.VIBCO Boxes

The whole room turns to look... including the young woman texting on her smartphone, the salesman preparing to present his pitch, and a young man waiting for a job interview... every eye is on Gary as he crosses the room carrying a white box with huge black and red "VIBCO VIBRATORS" printed all over it. Smiles creep onto each face as the realization sets in that the vibrators in question are VIBCO Industrial vibrators... not the other kind.

The purchasing agent - we'll call her Cindy -  is in her "mature" years and normally a very proper, well-mannered soul... so what got her so excited?  

It turns out that on the previous day at around 3:00 pm, the engineered plastics firm where she worked had a line go down due to a vibrator failure. The company supplies injection-molded plastic components to the automotive industry. They needed a replacement vibrator and they needed it right away...  it was Cindy's job to make it happen.

So Cindy called Gary, her local industrial equipment supply salesman. Gary immediately called VIBCO, knowing that same-day, next-day shipping was possible. Through the magic of emailed purchase orders and UPS Red overnight service, Cindy got her vibrators the very next morning, Gary got to share a funny and memorable moment with his customer, and the VIBCO team got to make someone's day

So why is this story important?  Because the happy ending was made possible by an organization that cares, that works to improve each day, and who is genuinely Happy to Do It.

As a complete team, VIBCO employees read FISH! Tales a few years back and decided that we had no intention of being or working in a "toxic energy dump"... that we wanted to enjoy our time  together and create great customer experiences. So we love it when we get to make someone's day.

What have you done to make someone's day today?