Athena or Not - the First Nor'easter Means It's SandBuster™ Time!

by Linda Kleineberg | Nov 07, 2012

The first Nor'easter of the season arrives on our doorstep, one thing is certain - salt and sand trucks do a better job with more consistent ice control with a VIBCO SandBuster™ spreader hopper vibrator on board.  And since the operators and drivers get to stay warm and safe in the cab vs. clearing clogs out in the cold... it's a win-win-win for all!

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vibco sandbuster spreader hopper vibrators

The Athena Controversy explained...  sort of.

The Weather Channel is calling the first Nor'easter of the 2012 winter season "Winter Storm Athena" (See the explanation from and the National Weather Service is not playing along...  here's an image of their notice to employees:

text on naming winter storms from the nws

Seems interesting to have another battle of semantics in the weather world so soon after the controversy with the National Hurricane Center NOT posting hurricane and tropical storm warnings for Rhode Island... choosing instead to use High Wind Warnings. Anyone in the area knows that we were hit with a hurricane...  

Stay tuned... it will be interesting to see if the marketing folks at The Weather Channel win this battle and force the NWS to start using names for winter storms...