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Amazingly Portable Temporary Mount
for VIBCO Industrial Vibrators

The VIBCO Stik-It™ mounts to any smooth surface in seconds. No bolts, no welding, no hassle. Just the right amount of vibration right where you need it... right away. VIBCO’s exclusive Stik-It™ mount creates positive suction with a steady sir supply or our optional air-saver design. Place and remove your VIBCO vibrators in seconds!

Tote bins, test installation areas, temporary material flow problem spots, hopper clean outs, construction chutes, all types of concrete forms including cardboard tubes, readymix chutes... all are perfect places to Stik-It™

VIBCO Stik-It™ mounts can be used with most VIBCO pneumatic, electric and hydraulic vibrators. Just ask a VIBCO Engineer to recommend the right vibrator and mount.

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Use Vibration to Solve Material Bridging Problems

Watch this short video to see incredible footage of how a VIBCO SCR Electric Vibrator completely solves a bridging problem. This video shows a demonstration hopper filled with natural wood shaving. Without vibration, the wood shavings do not flow through the hopper bottom at all. As soon as the vibrator is turned on, the shavings move easily through the hopper.

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Increase Box Capacity

This short video shows a box filling process, with and without the aid of a VIBCO vibrating table. Without vibration, you can see how the small metal rings stack and interlock, leaving a large volume of air in the box. VIBCO Technicians tested "after-vibration" to settle the contents, and also vibrated the container during filling. Vibrating the container during the filling process yielded the best results - increasing the overall container capacity by 10-12%.  

Avoid "shipping air" by using VIBCO Vibrating Tables to settle contents and allow you to put more product into smaller containers.  

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Depeaking Material at a Filling Station

This "before and after" video shows a variety of applications where VIBCO Vibrating Tables are saving time and money in filling processes.  Vibrators and vibrating tables are used to depeak bulk contents resulting in more accurate filling and less spillover product loss. Vibrating tables are also used at filling stations to compact bulky or irregular items like bagels.

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Handling Small Parts

Watch how a VIBCO Silent Turbine Vibrator gets small parts moving through a sloped hopper. Without vibration, the small, interlocked parts do not flow. Once the vibrator is engaged, the parts flow and the operator is able to reduce the large batch of parts into smaller, more manageable bin loads.

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