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Application Bulletin: Stik-It™ Warehouse Application

by [user not found] | Jan 13, 2015

Did you know that peanut farmers and peanut processors need vibrators?

We've been working with the industry for years, but this story is particularly special because our customer cared enough to share with us, in impeccable detail, their VIBCO experience with the VIBCO Stik-It™ vibrator mount and the SVRFS-4000AL.

The following was written by our Southeast Regional Sales Manager, Carl Patton.


On Wednesday 9-17-14, I did a test demo of the Stik-It™ and an SVRFS-4000AL high frequency vibrator at a bulk material warehouse in Alabama. The application is emptying refrigerated super sacks of shelled peanuts into railcars via a center-fill, gravity-load spout.

The gravity spout loading process creates a peak that disrupts filling (left). When this occurs, operators have to stop loading in order to push and shovel the peanuts into the corners of the car to depeak the peanuts and reduce the angle of repose.

The Problem: 

Manually shoveling the peanuts lead to peanut breakage and the possibility of contamination. Moving the peanuts manually took two operators 20-30 minutes - approximately 1 full labor hour - to complete the task.

The Solution:

VIBCO recommended a single Stik-It™ vibrator mount with a SVRFS-4000AL to depeak the peanuts and allow the railcar to fill without interruption.  The test was a success (see video below).  We mounted the Stik-It™ and vibrator high on the side wall of the railcar. The unit was activated when the railcar was about 90% full.

The Results:

Using the combination of  Stik-It™ and SVRFS-4000AL:

  • Prevented peanut peaking and disruptions during filling
  • Allowed for railcars to fill and unload continuously
  • Eliminated breakage and wasted product and contamination
  • Removed the need for shovels and manual labor required to move peanuts