Do you want to dump fast, dump safe and dump smart? Feel the power of VIBCO’s BIG BERTHA

Bulletin #491
Model DC-3500

VIBCO DC-3500 Dumpbody Vibrator

VIBCO's Solution

A VIBCO DC-3500 Big Bertha™ 12V DC Dumpbody Vibrator was installed using a VIBCO mounting kit, including 3 feet of 4” channel. With up to 3,500 lbs of force, the Big Bertha™ is powerful enough to move even the toughest, stickiest material. The customer was able to haul 10% more loads per day and eliminated further truck damage caused by tailgate slamming and over-hoisting.

VIBCO's Benefits

After installing the VIBCO DC-3500 Big Bertha™ 12V DC Dumpbody Vibrator, the customer received the following benefits:

  • Increased the number of loads hauled per day by 10%
  • Dramatically reduced the number costly damage caused by tailgate slamming and over-hoisting
  • Easy installation with VIBCO’s complete Big Bertha™ Mounting Kit

DC-3500 Big Bertha on Truck

"It was taking way too long to empty each load...

And for us, time really is money. The faster we dump each load, the more loads we haul, the more money we make. We were using a different vibrator, and it just didn’t have the power to move the wet and sticky dirt, clay and mulch we have out of our dumpbodies. So we were still tailgate banging and over-hoisting costing us time and causing truck damage. I heard that VIBCO’s Big Bertha™ Dumpbody Vibrator was the most powerful on the market, so I took one on a 10-day trial to see if it worked any better. The difference was awesome! Plus the full install kit to makes it easy to put on the truck. I’ve switched all my trucks over to VIBCO’s Big Bertha™”

Henry C. Rhode Island

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Model DC-3500
4,000 VPM      3,500 lbs of force 
70 dB
12V DC Power Standard with
24V DC Power Available
VIBCO DC-3500 Big Bertha

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