Are high product rejection rates testing your metal? VIBCO has the perfect solution.

Plating Tank Vibrator Application #459

VIBCO SPWT-80-CE Fully Enclosed Small Impact Electric Vibrator

VIBCO's Solution

Two VIBCO SPWT-80-CE Silent Fully Enclosed Impact Electric Vibrators were attached to the agitator bar frame. Racks holding the circuit boards were suspended from the agitator bar and vibrated. This provided just enough vibration to ensure that all air bubbles were released and a correct, uniform amount of conductive plating material is deposited into the circuit board spheres. The watertight construction of the SPWT-CE line prevented caustic solution from damaging the vibrators’ internals.

VIBCO's Benefits

After installing two VIBCO SPWT-80-CE Fully Enclosed Small Impact Electric Vibrators the customer received the following benefits:

  • Reduced rejection rate by 50%
  • Released air trapped in the spheres which increased product quality
  • Watertight construction allowed vibrators to be used safely and effectively

VIBCO SPWT-80-CE in plating tank

"Rejection rate was a serious problem...

We couldn't get uniform, correct amounts of gold or copper plating material deposited into the very small holes of our electronic circuit boards. Some of the holes are as small as .003” in diameter and tiny air bubbles prevented the gold or copper from plating. I was looking for a way to solve the problem when I received a postcard from VIBCO claiming that they had effective, watertight vibrators for plating applications. I was at my wit’s end, so I called to get more information. I took two vibrators on 10-Day Trial to see if they would help. It’s really amazing - we were able to cut our rejection rate in half!”

Quality Manager
David C., Vermont

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3,200 VPM  80 lbs of force 
1/50 Horse Power 50 dB at 1 meter
Single  Phase 
SPWT-80-CE Silent Small Impact Electric Vibrator

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