Share How You Use VIBCO Products and Get $25 Bucks

It's simple: Share some pictures with us at VIBCO how you apply a VIBCO vibrator and we'll send you $25 bucks!

We love to see how our industrial vibrators and construction vibrators are used and how VIBCO Vibrators are solving material flow problems.

The problem is we can't be in a million different places at once to see how our vibrators are being used for ourselves (unfortunately).

That's where you come in!

Follow the instructions below for how to get yourself $25 dollars richer by showing us at VIBCO how you use our vibrators. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible. A VIBCO Representative may need to contact you for clarification or more information.


  1. Only completed surveys will be accepted. 
  2. All submissions will be reviewed for authenticity, photo quality, completeness. 
  3. User must provide date of purchase, place of purchase info, Model #. 
  4. Must be employee at installation location (no resellers, please!), provide W-9 to receive payment.

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Challenge - Tell us about the situation BEFORE you installed VIBCO equipment. Be sure to include details on flow rates, material, noise levels, quality issues or anything else that helps us to understand your challenge.

VIBCO Equipment - Tell us which VIBCO product solved your problem. Please provide specific equipment quantities and model numbers, if available. Also, please let us know if you used VIBCO's technical support services (sizing and selection assistance, virtual van visit, etc.).

Solution - Tell us how a VIBCO product resolved your problem. Be sure to include details on how you installed or used your VIBCO equipment.

Results - Tell us about the situation AFTER you installed a VIBCO Vibrator. Be sure to include details on increased productivity, money saved, improved quality or any other benefits you received by installing or using a VIBCO vibration product.

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