BVS-380 - Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator



A 6 in
152 mm
C* 3/4 in
19 mm
L 4 11/16 in
119 mm
W 7 3/4 in
197 mm
H 5 5/8 in
143 mm
F 1 1/8 in
29 mm
G 3 1/8 in
79 mm
R 1 7/8 in
48 mm
* Bolt Size

Tech Data

80 psi
VPM 5000
CFM 18
Force lbs 670
Force Newtons 2981
dB 74
Max Lbs Material in Bin 6700
Weight 13 lbs

VIBCO BVS Silent Turbine Vibrators are ideal for food, pharmaceutical, sanitary and other environments where exhaust must be piped away.  Also ideal for outdoor use.

  • Use VIBCO BVS Turbine Vibrators on any new installation or to replace your old, noisy, messy ball or piston vibrators.
  • VIBCO BVS Turbine Vibrators feature a threaded exhaust to easily pipe off exhausted air, are virtually silent, and are ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other clean environments.
  • Rated for continuous duty.
  • Available in a variety of food-grade and sanitary finishes.
  • Patented design that is quiet and maintenance free 

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