80-1-1/4S - Piston Vibrator


1/4" Inline Lubricator
Filter/Regulator 1/4" NPT
Solenoid Valve


C* 5/8-18
W 2-1/8 in
54 mm
H 9-5/16 in
237 mm
S 1-5/16 in
34 mm
* Bolt Size

Tech Data

40 psi
VPM 2400
60 psi
VPM 3300
80 psi
VPM 4200
Max Lbs Material in Bin 200-400
Weight 5.5 lbs

80 Series "BIG RED" Piston

VIBCO's model 80 series, also known as the "BIG RED" is durable and versatile designed to preform even in the worst conditions, ease of application and use seperate "BIG RED" from other pneumatic piston vibrators. They are ideal for truck mounts, bulk trailers, bins, hoppers, heavy industry, mining, chemical plants, plastics, manufacturing, foundries, paper plants, etc. The single bolt attachment makes them easy and fast to install. "BIG RED" is supplied either with a silent (air cushoned) piston or the more powerful impacting (piston hitting end cap) standard unit.

The 80 series piston vibrator is activated by air traveling though the air inlet located on the side of the unit. Rubber O-rings prevent harmful material (such as dirt and dust) to enter and damage the vibrator, providing a longer life than the competator brands. Due to the low air consumption, units can run off of truck powered systems which makes this unit a great choice for the job site. "BIG RED" is 100% made in the USA using light weight durable steel. This unit prides itself on being one of the lightest and most portable on the market today.

All VIBCO Piston Vibrators require lubricated air.

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