55-2AB - Piston Vibrator


PK2E - Plumbing Kit (Electric) 2 inch
PM-12 - Mounting Channel For 55-1-1/2, 55-2
PK2M - Plumbing Kit (Manual) 2 inch


A 6 in
153 mm
C* 5/8 in
16 mm
L 9 in
229 mm
W 3-13/16 in
97 mm
H 7-1/4 in
185 mm
F 1-1/8 in
29 mm
K 3-3/4 in
96 mm
* Bolt Size

Tech Data

40 psi
VPM 3200
CFM 7.5
60 psi
VPM 4000
CFM 12
80 psi
VPM 5000
CFM 15
Max Lbs Material in Bin 4000-10000
Weight 20 lbs

High Impact Choice

VIBCO Piston Vibrators provide high impact and efficient energy transfer to ensure a smooth flow of material through bins, chutes, weigh batchers and other bulk material applications. Ideal for heavy industry, mining, chemical plants, plastics, manufacturing, foundries and paper plants, VIBCO's Pneumatic Piston Vibrators are reliable, durable, and guaranteed to perform.

VIBCO is the only vibrator manufacturer that offers One-Piece design and All-Steel models of flange-mounted piston vibrators in standard and silent models. VIBCO's Silent Piston Vibrators are air-cushioned to minimize noise while still providing the necessary force. We also offer light-weight, low cost "Big Red" End-Mounted Piston Vibrators and continuous duty High Energy Impactors.

All VIBCO Piston Vibrators require lubricated air.

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