50-3L-EM - Piston Vibrator


46124 - Filter/Regulator 1/2" NPT
1/2SV - Solenoid Valve
26124 - 1/2" Inline Lubricator
86124 - Ball Valve 1/2"
PM-5 - Mounting Channel For 50-3


A 8-7/16 in
215 mm
B 2-1/2 in
64 mm
C* 3/4 in
20 mm
D 6-7/16 in
164 mm
L 10-1/2 in
267 mm
W 4-1/2 in
115 mm
H 13-1/2 in
343 mm
F 1 in
26 mm
S 11/16 in
18 mm
* Bolt Size

Tech Data

40 psi
VPM 1350
CFM 31
60 psi
VPM 1500
CFM 42
80 psi
VPM 1700
CFM 51
Max Lbs Material in Bin 20000-70000
Weight 62 lbs


The perfect choice for the toughest material flow problems - sticky, high-moisture, and coarse materials are no match for the high impact, linear force of a VIBCO Model 50 Piston Vibrator.   Read a VIBCO Piston Vibrator customer story

Use VIBCO Model 50 Piston Vibrators on bins, chutes, and weigh batchers. Compact powdered and viscous materials in containers and forms; activate screens and precipitators. 

VIBCO Model 50 Vibrators are used in thousands of applications in mining, chemical, plastics, concrete products, foundry, steel and paper industries. See how VIBCO users solve material flow problems. 

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold on this unit allows you to pipe away exhaust or install a muffler to reduce noise.

Long Stroke Piston

The long stroke piston on this unit gives you a  larger impact to move fluffy, low density and wet or sticky materials. The 50-L model is especially suited for packaging and screening because the extra-long bodies give high amplitude, high force and low frequency vibration. Available in 2” and 3” piston sizes. Model 50-LS - Air-Cushioned Model. Silent models are also available with silencer & dustproofer.

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