B-320 - Hydraulic Turbine Vibrator


3X5CH-IN - Channel Iron (Inches)
BVM-4 - Mounting Plate for B,BV,BVS-320


A 5 in
128 mm
C* 1/2 in
13 mm
L 3-5/8 in
93 mm
W 6-7/8 in
175 mm
H 5-7/8 in
150 mm
F 11/16 in
18 mm
G 2-5/8 in
67 mm
R 11/16 in
18 mm
* Bolt Size

Tech Data

600 psi
VPM 3700
GPM 5.0
Force lbs 301
Force Newtons 1339
800 psi
VPM 4500
GPM 6.0
Force lbs 445
Force Newtons 1980
1000 psi
VPM 5300
GPM 7.0
Force lbs 617
Force Newtons 2745
Weight 10 lbs

Reliable, Trouble-Free Operation

VIBCO offers a complete line of hydraulic vibrators to suit your needs. Our hydraulic vibrators operate in any position and are not affected by dirty, muddy or wet locations. They can operate on pressures up to 3000 PSI — making VIBCO Hydraulic Vibrators ideal for use with construction equipment, concrete forming equipment and a wide variety of applications.

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