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The Pothole Patrol Visits Narragansett Public Works Team

by [user not found] | Apr 10, 2015

Pothole season is in full swing and Rhode Island is in the thick of it.

Last week, we received a call from the Narragansett Public Works Department expressing an interest in getting some help and guidance on how to properly patch their potholes. 

The Narragansett Public Works team had purchased a VIBCO Pothole Patcher in the past and had been using it diligently. But this year, some extra help was needed.

So we packed up the VIBCO van and took a ride down to Narragansett to answer the town's call.

The workers explained that the biggest problem that Narragansett were being supplied with insufficient patch material from businesses, often, not from the New England area.

Moreover, the workers explained their issues with the Pothole Killers that the state of Rhode Island has begun using to patch their holes en masse. The workers seemed dubious of the quality of repair these machines were doing.

Combine this with the fact that Narragansett is very close to the ocean and suffers from very moist soil, getting a clean, dry work surface to patch a pothole on is a recurring problem.

Needless to say, pothole patches were coming undone often over the span of a few weeks! Leading to reworked jobs many times in a few months and distraction from getting more serious road issues dealt with in a timely manner. The workers were frustrated and wanted help.

The Pothole Patcher combined with the best practices of pothole repair and maintenance, we knew, would help to alleviate the pressing pothole problems Narragansett was facing.

Here are some shots from the day with the Narragansett Public Works team. Below are photos from meeting with the team in their offices and shots of patching two potholes on Boon St. in Narragansett:






It's no secret that potholes are a pain. Read more about the VIBCO Pothole Free Rhode Island and Pothole Free USA initiatives here and our goal to end potholes in Rhode Island and the United States.