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Concrete Vibrators In Stock Now!

by [user not found] | Sep 12, 2014

Rumors have been circulating around the Concrete Industry water cooler that the Wacker ARFU26 electric vibrator might be out of stock in the domestic USA, without a lot of guidance on when it might be available again..

We have good news!  VIBCO offers high frequency electric concrete form vibrators… and ours are read to ship. The VIBCO US-900 high frequency electric vibrator is an excellent option instead of the Wacker ARFU26.

vibco us 900 high frequency electric vibratorSome of our competitors take months (months!) to deliver a vibrator to the end user. Others encounter production problems including a lack of materials and ineffective use of factory work force labor.

Not with VIBCO.

With a VIBCO product, you can rest easy knowing  that the products including our all American-made US-900 high frequency electric vibrator.

Just what kind of vibrator is this? Well, the US-900…

  • 900 lbs of force
  • Easy to power -  115 AC-DC Volts
  • High Frequency - 10,000 VPM at 1 Phase

Is the VIBCO US 900 versatile? Yes it is.

Come equipped with standard voltage? You betcha.

Can you connect it to a single phase current? Absolutely.

Is it totally enclosed? High impact resistant AND light weight? Yes, yes and yes again.

So how can we have stock when so many others are struggling to keep up with high demand?

At VIBCO, we have created a world-class lean manufacturing culture that means…

  1. We are agile and flexible to manufacture the concrete vibrator products that you want, when you want them, with the performance and quality you expect;
  2. Our concrete vibrators are ready to ship - lead times as short as "same day, next day" available on most products
  3. Our Made in the USA vibrators are manufactured here… we're never waiting on containers coming from overseas suppliers.

Same day, next day. That's our True North and that's what we stick to. (link)

VIBCO makes versatile, durable and effective concrete vibrators with styles and brackets to fit every form type. Consult with our Expert Concrete Vibrator Guys™ for advise on how you can produce perfectly consolidated concrete with a beautifully smooth finish.

Make VIBCO your go to solution for high frequency vibration for your job site. Whether it's being mounted on wood or steel, give us a call today and we'll get you equipped with the best.