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Top 5 Reasons to Contact VIBCO Technical Support

by Linda Kleineberg | Sep 10, 2014

1. You're Not Sure Which Vibrator Will Work For You.

With so many options, it can be difficult to select the right vibrator. Power supply, force, frequency, style and operating environment all factor into the selection process - you can use our easy online form to provide us with your needs. Our technical support team has decades of experience making recommendations. They will make sure that you get the right vibrator for your application.

vibco world trade center
VIBCO Vibrators in use at One World Trade in NYC

2. You Are a Concrete Contractor and Need Help Sizing, Selecting, Placing and Operating your VIBCO External Concrete Vibrators.

Excellent consolidation and finish quality matter. You need the right vibrators, mounted with the right brackets, placed in the right locations, and run for the right amount of time. In other words, you need VIBCO. We're the Concrete Vibrator Guys™ and we have decades of experience to bring to the table. From our work on the World Trade Center (photo above), to the Eastside Access Project (360° Panorama Photo)  to the Yale Ice Rink (video below)... we have the expertise to help.

Get More Information on Using VIBCO Concrete Form Vibrators

3.  You Want to Replace Existing Vibration Equipment

Whether you want to replace a competitive unit with a VIBCO Vibrator, change your power supply, or upgrade to a maintenance-free model, VIBCO's technical support team has your answer. We have an extensive cross-over database so we can quickly and accurately suggest replacement equipment AND we'll even provide a FREE adapter plate if we don't have a direct bolt match available. Contact VIBCO right now for help.

4. You Have a New Application or Idea for Using Vibrators

It's amazing. We've seen thousands of vibrator applications, yet every day we hear about something new. Whether  you have a new application in mind for your material flow system or a new idea for a product or type of equipment, VIBCO technical support can help make sure that you get results you want. Our engineers are truly the Expert Vibrator Guys™ and are always ready to help.

5. You're Unsure About the Best Way to Install or Mount Your Vibration Equipment

Correct mounting and installation is critical to vibrator performance. VIBCO provides detailed instruction manuals with every unit and offers even more information online. Reading these instructions BEFORE you begin the installation process is critical to proper safety and operation of the unit. However, if you have any questions or need more help, VIBCO technical support is ready to assist you. We offer 'Virtual Van Visits' where you send us a photo of your application and we will mark the photo to show you exactly her and how to install your equipment.