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VIBCO Stickers Show Your Pride

by Linda Kleineberg | May 29, 2013

Show Your VIBCO Pride with Hard Hat Stickers!

hardhat stickers

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It's easy to spot a VIBCO fan... just look for the Hard Hat Sticker!

Why do our fans love us? Because VIBCO isn't just any manufacturing company. We are fiercely proud of our Made in USA products and we are world-renowned for our approach to organizational culture and Lean Manufacturing.

We are actively helping to build a better future through our efforts to share the core principles of Lean - Continuous Improvement and Respect for People.

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We recently got an email from one of our neighbors. While surfing through Yahoo! headlines, he stumbled across this incredible photo. It was taken while the spire of the World Trade Center was floating down the Hudson on it's way home

VIBCO and the World Trade Center

A truck driver in Connecticut sent us this "Big Bertha Bumper" photo...


Dakota in Colorado wrote: 

"Good Morning, I am writing  because the stickers that you guys sent with our last order have caused quite a stir around the office. Shannon only received 3 and to be honest isn't willing to play nice and share with the other staff members. 
I'm contacting you this morning to see if there is any way you guys could send us some extra stickers. 
Thanks for taking time out of your day for this silly request even if you only had to read it.
I hope that you have/had a terrific holiday weekend. Thanks again"

AND we got a fun call this morning from Leroy in Georgia requesting 14 more sets of stickers... one for each guy in his crew.

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