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The Dragon Pants Story Has Legs... Video Now Available!

by Linda Kleineberg | Apr 13, 2012


Who knew that one pair of interesting, "bold" pants would stir up so much interest?  The social networks have been buzzing about the guy who asked GOP Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney, a question while wearing "dragonpants". 

Read the real story about why Karl wears "fancy pants"

The burning question...  What did the "Bold Pants" Guy Karl actually ask Mitt Romney?

In the true spirit of The Lean Nation and The VIBCO Vibration Nation, Karl asked Mitt Romney about what policies Romney supports that will help to reshore more manufacturing to create jobs and opportunities, specifically for small to mid-size producers who don't have huge resources or tax incentives on their side. 

Want to learn more about reshoring?  Harry Moser and his team are leading the charge: Go to

Now for the video and some links to online stories and comments:

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Up close shot of #dragonpants by Maeve Reston of the LA Times

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