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Increase sales and build customer loyalty with VIBCO

by Linda Kleineberg | Apr 11, 2012

Keep more customers calling you and only you!

Let's face it. Budgets are tight and increased cost controls are wreaking havoc on your business. Customers are "shopping around" and it's difficult to maintain your key sales relationships. So how can you keep more customers calling you and only you?

Give them exceptional service that consistently solves their problems and keeps your name top-of-mind. Here's a recent example of how VIBCO helped one of our dealers to do just that...

The Situation.sandblasting truck

A sandblasting contractor had extremely slow material flow though shallow hoppers on a sand and paint chip recovery truck.  From bondo on the hopper corners, brooms, shovels... you name it, they'd tried it. Their dealer saw the problem and recommended installing VIBCO vibrators. Happy to have a solution, the contractor made the purchase.

VIBCO received a desperate call from the dealer – his customer installed the dealer-recommended vibrators but was still having flow problems! They needed help and they needed it fast…

VIBCO Had a Rapid Solution.

Within 48 hours, VIBCO had a field technician at the contractor’s location to provide on-site assistance. The VIBCO tech quickly determined that the vibrators were not in the correct position.  He worked with the contractor to reposition his vibrators and it worked like a charm!  Take a virtual tour of the installation site

The Result.

Repositioning the vibrators immediately and significantly improved material flow.

The VIBCO Story.

Solving your customers’ problems is VIBCO's top priority. We will stop at nothing to make sure that your customers are happy with our product’s quality and performance. We have decades of experience engineering vibration solutions. That means that you and your customers get the most effective, most efficient, best performing vibrators on the market. Bring us with you on your next customer visit  to see how a VIBCO expert can help you increase sales.