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VIBCO Featured in Blue Heron Journal

by Linda Kleineberg | Apr 16, 2012

VIBCO Vibrators was featured in The Blue Heron Journal's "Made in the Americas Series"


VIBCO Vibrators is a feature company in The Blue Heron Journal's "The Made in The Americas Series" focusing on manufacturing success stories. 

The Blue Heron Journal is an on-line resource for business thought leaders and decision makers.  The Blue Heron Journal's publisher, Patrica E. Moody, is a Fortune Magazine Pioneering Woman in Manufacturing, a Management Consultant with more than 30 years of experience, author of 14 business books, and a frequent expert witness.  Follow Patricia on Twitter @patriciaemoody 

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VIBCO, Small RI company with a Big Global Market and A Lot of Attitude 
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Good news from another Made In The Americas (sm) company, this one in the Ocean State of Rhode Island, back from a quick trip to VIBCO, a small, privately-held producer of industrial equipment.  Check out their website for a gorgeous panorama of places where VIBCO products are getting big tough jobs done, like a 360 degree view atop the Manhattan skyscraper at the corner of 36th St and Fifth Avenue, or underground at the site of the new 2nd Avenue subway.

VIBCO  has been manufacturing industrial and construction vibrators for material flow, efficiency and safety since 1962.  They are the originators of the Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator and hold more than 25 U.S. Patents for vibrator designs.  VIBCO delivers 100% Made in the USA vibrators without long lead times and they offer a unique free trial program.

Small company  -- big attitude

They’re not perfect, but the charisma and outrageous courage of 2nd generation president Karl Wadensten has carried the company without hesitation into a new approach to production.  Privately-held companies have the freedom - and responsibility - to innovate for their customers as well as their employees, and president Wadensten is deep into culture change ...

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