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VIBCO Vibrators Featured in RI NPR Story

by Linda Kleineberg | Feb 29, 2012
VIBCO Vibrators is featured in an in-depth report on how it's Lean Manufacturing program is serving as a model and inspiration for Rhode Island Hospital's improvement efforts.


VIBCO Vibrators is featured in the in-depth report on RI NPR, "RI Hospital learning from manufacturing industry" that originally aired on February 29, 2012.

Listen to the full broadcast and read the article at the Rhode Island Public Radio Website

RI Hospital learning from manufacturing industry

By MEGAN HALL (2012-02-29)


The future for Rhode Island's medical centers is anything but steady. Last year, the state's hospital industry lost money for the first time in recent memory. The nation's health care overhaul brings its own uncertainty. How can local hospitals survive? Rhode Island Public Radio's health care reporter explores an unlikely source of inspiration for the state's largest medical center.

The VIBCO factory in Wyoming, Rhode Island feels nothing like a hospital. Its cinderblock walls and high ceilings look more like an airport hangar. It's full of machines and racks of equipment.

Linda Kleineberg looks out over the facility- which makes the kind of vibrators that shake cement to keep it smooth, Kleinberg has worked at VIBCO for about six years. A lot has changed since then....

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