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VIBCO Vibrators SandBuster Spreader Hopper Vibrators Help You Gear Up for Snow Season!

by [user not found] | Nov 02, 2010
The weather is turning colder in New England, and VIBCO Vibrators has a complete line of vibrators for sand and salt spreaders including corrosion-resistant models. With force outputs ranging from 20 lbs to 5000 lbs, there's a SandBuster Spreader Hopper Vibrator to fit any type of spreader including v-box, heavy-duty, hopper spreaders, tailgate spreaders, under-tailgate spreaders, and low profile tailgate spreaders.

1 Comment

  1. 1 Yaser 14 Oct
    This is my third spreader in 18 years. It rcealpes a Scotts tow-behind and this one is far superior. The hopper is thick plastic (polypropylene?), including the screen (nice touch), and all bolts that attach to it are stainless steel. That is a good thing because on my Scotts, they rusted even though the unit was taken care of. It assembles well in about 30 minutes but be sure to read all the instructions. Since the bolts are very similar in size, measure them to ensure you use the right ones in the right place. On a sad note, the unit arrived with one of the side handles missing but two emails later, Earthway sent me a new one (actually two), free of charge. Earthway's customer service was very helpful once a dialog was established. I should point out that this unit comes with a tow extension which I needed for my John Deere tractor. Another nice feature is the setting adjuster has a setpoint that can be tightened. This allows me to close the grates on the hopper (for instance when going over the driveway), and then return to the desired setting when I hit the lawn. The Earthway spreader is very sturdy and I believe I will get many years of use with it. The only suggestions I have for the designers is that the next model have a wider wheel width to reduce tipping the unit is somewhat top heavy but the double plate hitch helps with that.