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Improving Everyday at VIBCO

by Linda Kleineberg | Nov 22, 2013

Lean / Continuous Improvement Projects Underway at VIBCO

Here are some photos of some very cool improvement projects underway at VIBCO Headquarters... The incredible VIBCO team keeps thinking, keeps trying, and keeps working to add value, remove waste and deliver to the pull of our customers.

Suzy Achieves Her One-Piece-Flow Goal!

Sue H. has been working toward her one-piece-flow assembly goal for VIBCO switch boxes for years - improving a little bit each day... it has been a true continuous improvement project. Congratulations to her on meeting this high goal. 

Happy to Do It One Piece Flow

Getting Visual on the Factory Floor

(Gwendolyn Galsworth will be so delighted!)

Keep Aisle Clear Lean Floor VIBCO Lean Floor Marking

VIBCO Visual Floor Cardboard Crate VIBCO Visual Floor WIP GR-3200

VIBCO Visual Floor Caution Weld Area VIBCO Visual Floor Barrel Truck Parking

Whiteboard Training and Implementation Underway

Management Whiteboard Training is one of the key elements of VIBCO's Encumbent Worker Training Grant from the Rhode Island Governor's Workforce Board. Tom Pesaturo of Exceeda Consulting is facilitated the training leading to management whiteboards in assembly.

Assembly Management Whiteboards